Weekly Challenge 35: 20 August

Every Thursday a new challenge will be posted consisting of prompts for flash fiction or poetry. As a guide line flash fiction should be around the 200 word count and poetry between 14 and 20 lines.

Your piece can involve one, all or any combination of the prompts given. The key is to enjoy what you are writing and in turn we will enjoy what you give us to read.


Please take the time to add your piece to the list by clicking the cute creature below. You can also add this to your own piece so others can enjoy too.


Ok so pens (or fingers) at the ready for some creative fun and I look forward to reading what you write.


The Prompts




The best part

He means well

The end is truth




Gaia Hidden Stories Series by Dhyana Fritsche
Gaia Hidden Stories Series by Dhyana Fritsche









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5 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge 35: 20 August

  1. Writing Misters Adam and Gem, along with writing sisters Rose and Cie created the following piece using this prompt and one other.
    I deconstructed the URL because I’m afraid that when I include URL’s on wordpress, my comments end up in Spam.

    peppersfetch dot blogspot dot com slash 2015 slash 08 slash the-end-is-truth dot html


If you join the challenge please leave a link in the comments

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