NaPoMo Poetry Challenge

Do you think you are capable of writing a poem a day for 30 days? Every year in April, the Academy of American Poets holds a National Poetry Month (NaPoMo), and each poet that takes part in this challenge writes a poem a day for the 30 days of April. Every member of this community is given a 30 page chapter in a book I construct during this month. Any form can be used and any genre written about during this period. Please post your challenge in the Poetry Round with the title and a sub heading; day and NaPoMo. It would also save me some work if you copied it to the NaPoMo workshop, but if you don’t I will.


TirNaNog’s NaPoMo Challenge


Envelope Stanza

2014 Poetry Form Challenge

#02 Envelope Stanza

This is a very interesting form and was probably created by Francesco Petrarcha when he moved from the Sicilian court. As well as being the building blocks of the Italian octave, the Spanish and French octave use it also. However, it is a poetry form in its own right, and probably the latter pair have set the precedence for the meter which if we look at the French or Spanish roots consists of eight syllables, or English purists insisting on Iambic Tetrameter. This gives a suggested pattern of;

x x x x x x x a

x x x x x x x b

x x x x x x x b

x x x x x x x a


via Envelope Stanza.