Weekend Medley 6/7 December

The idea of the challenge is to use any one or more of the given prompts to create a piece of flash fiction (100-200 words) or a poem (14-20 lines)

For the weekend I am going to give four prompts that can be used individually or together depending on how the creative juices flow. There will be a single word with its definition, a word bank, three phrases and a photograph – all are random so may not connect in anyway but as is the way of randomness they may connect in the creative thought – you never can tell!

This week’s prompts are:



Bright Blue Boots by UGG


Bright Blue Boots by UGG
Bright Blue Boots by UGG


deus ex machine

Pronunciation: (DAY-uhs eks MAH-kuh-nuh, -nah, MAK-uh-nuh)

Meaning: noun: An unexpected or improbable person or event that saves a seemingly hopeless situation.



  1. space for change
  2. affectionate attention
  3. when I am naked


Word bank:

  1. Scratched
  2. Fortune
  3. Whales
  4. Bookshelf
  5. Carved


If you create something please link back to here


If you join the challenge please leave a link in the comments

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