Challenge Wednesday 4 June

The idea of these challenges is to use the given prompts to create a piece of flash fiction (100-200 words) or a poem (14-20 lines)

As a poet I read a lot of poetry and some more on top. I also find one line taken out of context can lead to a whole new dimension of creativity. The idea of this challenge therefore is to create what comes to mind from lines of poetry.

This week’s lines of poetry are:

  • pulling the shade down on an afternoon – Fall Parties by Becca Klaver
  • And listen to the glassy dark – Vision by Robert Penn Warren
  • Hope woven with despair – Summer Ending by David Middleton

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11 thoughts on “Challenge Wednesday 4 June

  1. Thank you for the visit and the inspiration. Been a tad busy. Always nice to visit your place 🙂


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